Friday, May 13, 2011


Welcome to Mainspring Law's Blog! Mainspring is dedicated to providing intellectual property law services efficiently, while fostering the personal relationships that make this job worthwhile. This blog is an important part of our service. With this blog, we hope to provide interested readers with good information on topics in intellectual property law. Perhaps more importantly, we hope the comment process will allow readers to talk back to us so that we can provide better service.

We think the folks we are meant to serve are primarily small and mid-sized businesses and individuals. These folks may be less likeIy to have ready access to legal services and might have questions about exactly what is involved in the various types of intellectual property law, and how the different types of protection are important to them. So we thought a good place to start the conversation would be simply discussing some of the basics of intellectual property law. We'll start with a few posts about copyright law.

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